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April 25th-29th, 2018

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Ok, so we know this summit is a little different from previous ones. We have tried to emphasize the ideas of bring the clubs closer together while offering rides that kick your a@*! As we put this years summit together, everyone said the same thing – “lets get back to what we had at the bicycle inn.” To us, that meant getting everyone together in one place, enjoying time together while struggling through a vigorous ride schedule.

And that created some challenges. While we think we have all of these worked out, we’re sure others will arise.

So if you have questions or comments, please fill the form out below and we will do our best to get back to any and all serious concerns.

Found among the Mid-Ohio Valley’s rolling hills, lakes and streams, North Bend State Park offers a multitude of recreational facilities in a beautiful pastoral setting. Named for the horseshoe curve of the North Fork of the Hughes River, this year-round park is lush with fishing streams, hiking trails and abundant wildlife. Located near Cairo and Harrisville, North Bend State Park is best known for the 72-mile North Bend Rail Trail.

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