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April 25th-29th, 2018

2018 MTMS Kit

This year’s kit is designed especially for the Summit held in North Bend State Park. The kit is offered through a separate site available at the link provided below.

There you can purchase shorts, long sleeve jerseys as well as thermal jackets, bib shorts, tights, socks and caps. You will be able to view each kit piece on the site, as well as place and order. Once completed, the piece will be shipped directly to your address.

It seems everyone has their own preference when it comes to cycling gear. The MTMS2017 Kit is produced by Nalini, a European manufacturer of cycling gear and supplier to many pro teams. The Columbus Club has used them for two kits to date.

This Year’s Design

The Kit design incorporates a unique feature this year: as the over arching theme of this years event is club camaraderie, we have elected to create a back ground element using the names of the first people to register.  So a close examination of the kit jersey will show how the names will be represented – whatever name is submitted in the registration form along with a club affiliation.

We are constructing the art based on the names we receive up until February 21st.  They will be placed in order of registration.  (don’t worry, Greg M from Atlanta was the first to register so that spot is taken)

Enjoy and wear with pride!

Purchase Your Kit

Information on the manufacturer is found here.

We have purchased the Red Label line

Also, its important to pay attention to the sizing charts – remember, all orders are custom and as such, cannot be returned.

A sizing chart (in inches) can be found here.  For perspective, Robert Bradley from the Columbus Majors wears a XL in the thermal Jacket, while I wear a XXL and fit into a 44 suit coat.

The kits are available HERE

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